01/29/22 – ELA – State Test Short Response Prep

Virtual Learning

Today we discussed breaking down a paragraph to its main idea and how to use supporting details to prove this. We also discussed strategies for writing sufficient (good enough) answers for our short response questions.


Remember that short response questions only require you to answer EXACTLY what its asking. Do not add more details than necessary. If the question asks you to give ONE piece of textual evidence you only need ONE, adding a second will not improve your grade.

When we are writing for a test we want to be EFFICIENT and TO THE POINT. We do not want to add details we do not need or sentences that are unnecessary, we just need to answer the question and be done. Pay careful attention to WHAT you are being asked and IF they require a minimum or maximum amount of sentences.


Please read the story on pages 136-137. After that complete the multiple choice questions on page 137-138 and the short response on page 139. Please READ CAREFULLY and email me your answers.