02/12/2022 – ELA – State Test Practice

Virtual Learning

Today we discussed how to breakdown stories into parts and determine what the main idea and author’s purpose are BEFORE we read. Trying to minimize the amount of time spent on multiple choice questions so you can focus on the short responses is an essential skill for managing your time on the exam. You want to give yourself as much time as possible to write, reread your writing, and then potentially revise it. Giving yourself time to go back and check your answers is essential.


Remember: Focus on what the story or text is about and answer ONLY what the question is asking. Short responses should not be extended past 5-6 sentences AT MOST. Do your restate, your answer, explain it, and move on. You are NOT graded on creativity. Make sure to be as straightforward as possible. ALSO while I am very interested in your opinion, the test IS NOT. Only elaborate or explain things that can be directly referenced in the text unless otherwise stated.


Today you will work on practicing short response questions involving relevant details and summarizing the main idea. Please read the story on pages 154-156 and answer the questions on page 158. Do this and email it to clcgrade06@gmail.com