1/8/21 – ELA – Fact and Opinion

Virtual Learning

Today we discussed the different between fact and opinion and how to differentiate (tell the difference) between them based on keywords/clue words/signal words. We also discussed how you can use your opinion as a form of weak evidence to help add depth to your writing (as long as you explain your opinion and why it is relevant to the topic you’re discussing.



Tonight’s homework will be from the textbook. You will read the passage on page 76 and answer questions 5 – 8. Please input your answers to a google doc and share it with me, or email me your answers.

You MUST also complete your essay. It should be 5 paragraphs with an Intro, Body and Conclusion. Your body paragraphs should be about your 2 claims (one paragraph each) and a counter-argument (1 paragraph). Please refer to your notes and previous posts to help guide you in completing it. Please put your essay in paragraph form and e-mail to me in a document OR edit the google doc you shared with me to reflect that.