5/15/21 – Argumentative Essay – Concluding Paragraph

Your homework is to write the final, concluding paragraph, of your argumentative essay. Your homework is a google form that can be found here: https://forms.gle/BUviUTi8MpaeXj2L8

You also have an OPTIONAL assignment that is FUN and about MINECRAFT. I think I capitalized all the important words there. It is called a MADLIB, which is a game where you have most of a story written for you and you insert words of your choice in the blank boxes that are labeled things like verb, adjective, noun, etc. I have a JamBoard just for you guys to work on a fun MADLIB about MINECRAFT. The JamBoard has the same story copied into multiple slides, each slide has one of your names on it. Please navigate to the slide with your name on it and complete the MADLIB: https://jamboard.google.com/d/1PoXuyvz2XLw0syvSUkLsMvXzSrK6MwfVXtL-CKFiEOQ/edit?usp=sharing