7/9/21 – ELA – Authors Purpose/Perspective and Movie Poster Project

Virtual Learning

Today we discussed author’s point of view (perspective) and author’s purpose (reason). Understanding WHY the author is writing about a topic, and WHAT their point of view or opinion on the topic they are writing about is important. This is because their point of view and purpose for the topic influences how they engage with it. It is also important to understand this so that we can have a better understanding of the text itself and how we relate to it.

This weekend’s homework will be to create a movie poster for a fictitious (not real) movie you will make up based on the genre you chose in class. The directions and expectations for your project are listed below. Please follow these instructions to receive full credit for your project. Make sure to email your final submission to clcgrade06@gmail.com and also fill out the short google form about your project that is located at the bottom of this page.

ATTENTION: If you did not complete your BIO POEM please submit it before the end of the day TODAY! Thank you.