Its the last day of class! I am glad to have met all of you and enjoyed our time together this summer. I hope you took something away from our lessons and are feeling ready for the next year of school. Remember to take a deep breath before diving into this new experience and don’t overthink it too much! You are all intelligent and well spoken individuals and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Remember to look back through all of these lessons for the various tools and strategies I have given you over the course of this summer. It will help you approach these topics when you learn them more in depth during the school year.

If you have time I created a google form that is totally anonymous that asks you to rate my class by describing what you liked, didn’t like and so on. If you fill it out I get a better idea of how to organize my classes for next time and your feedback is important to me. The google form is here: https://forms.gle/rD2veQUPp4CZAar28


  • Who or what is the passage about? (topic)
  • What is the author trying to convey(communicate) about the topic? (main idea)
  • What reasons or points support the main idea about the topic? (major details)

What examples, details, or statistics illustrate(show) the ideas in the text? (minor details)

Major Details

  • Reasons
  • Points in an argument
  • Points of a comparison
  • Further elaboration (explanation) of the main idea

Minor Details

  • Examples
  • Specific details
  • Specific instances (moments)
  • Statistics