ELA Lesson 2

Writing with Intention

What is the purpose of writing? Why do we identify as “not good” or “good” at writing? And anyway, what makes writing “good”?

Think of a book you’d say was written well. What made it better than others? Be as specific as possible.

Now, what overall does good writing look like?

*Homework Review* –Discuss your responses to each step of the assignment. Overall, was this story “good”? Explain.

Practice: Write a short story about two unnamed characters and a moment they became friends. What kind of moment is that? What would/could happen in such a moment that would solidify a friendship? You have 25 minutes.

Peer Review Time

Wrap-Up/Week’s challenge: Take the draft you created and rewrite it to add detail and a little (more) dialogue. Make a word doc you can share with the class. Consider what actions and emotions would be involved here. Then consider filling in details of the setting a little more with sensory language.